Vampires vs Doctors

Thanks to Netflix’s I have a bad habit of binge-watching TV shows. Sometimes I binge-watch two shows at once. One such binge left me watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and House M.D. on Netflix for about a month. It’s always enjoyable to re-watch shows I loved from my first viewing until the end. I didn’t re-watch them simply because I want to experience the same feelings and see the same things as I did the first time because I wasn’t sure I would. Why you asked? Because I’m not the same person I once was. I’m older, which means I’m hopefully more mature (though sometimes that is up for debate) and I’ve been studying film theory and criticism (at the master’s degree level) for several years now. So I look at some of the finer details of cinematography and story making.

Buffy aired in 1997 (before I was even in high school) and came to its conclusion in 2003 (just as I was completing my first year of college). I was in college when I started watching Buffy which puts me close to the same age group as the main characters. House started a year after Buffy came to a close, in 2004, and ended in 2012. When I started watching House around 2008 (if I had to guess), I was defiantly younger than the main characters, and possibly still am.However, I am no longer the same age as Buffy and the gang, but I’m still younger than House and Wilson. I’m trapped in between the groups unable to easily identify with either main character due to age proximity.

When I first watched Buffy I identified with Buffy and Willow, probably because I was in the same age bracket (I was in high-school and college). This time around I found myself identifying with Giles more, I’m 33 and have been both a substitute teacher and assistant teacher for preschool students through high-school students. I have struggled in motivating students, who I knew had potential and been around for breakthrough moments, that make everyone around smile. As much as I love House and his group I identify more with his struggling interns, as they try to find their way into a successful career. I still haven’t yet decided on what I want to be when I grow up (yeah I know, some of you think I’m late to the party), I have so many interests and passions its hard to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life. Though as we see with Chase, Cameron, and 13 (and many of the other interns) sometimes our career path can change.  And that’s okay. 🙂

Re-watching the shows again allowed me to see certain scenes or episodes again, that I loved. I have always loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s episode “Hush”, in this episode everyone in town has had their voice stolen, and The Gentlemen are stealing hearts. The whole episode feels like one of those old silent films but has all the horror of a present-day supernatural flick. A few years ago I was privileged enough to meet and interview one of  The Gentlemen (Camden Toy). It was the closest I’ve ever come to fangirling out, and  Camden Toy, the wonderful man he is, took it all in stride. I really enjoy watching House, M.D.’s episode “Broken.” In these two episodes, House is in a Psychiatric Hospital to kick his Vicodin habit and to work on a few personal problems. In these episodes, we get to learn a lot about House, which I find very exciting.  We get to watch him grow and we, of course, get to watch him be a jerk. In these episodes, the actors perform brilliantly, and Hugh Laurie shows us how House is truly a three-dimensional character.

However, this time around I noticed things I didn’t notice before, and occasionally saw episodes I didn’t see the first time around. For example in “Hush”, this was my third or fourth time seeing this episode (okay maybe more). Halfway through the episode the film cuts out most modern shooting as far as effects (both lighting and sound) and setting (the cars the streetlights) look and sound as if they were shot sometime between 1920 and 1960 when films became more about the dialogue and less about the action. The real way to date the show was the color and the clothing worn by the Scooby Gang. The shots were also longer, to help show what was going on and help build suspense. Most of these things I didn’t realize when I first watched the episode because I had not yet studied film. Going back through House, I realized there were several episodes that I had not seen before. So it was a treat to learn a little more about the characters and how the overarching storyline was progressing. This time around the overarching story flowed a lot better and I was better able to understand why characters reacted to certain situations the way they did. With House, it is also fun to see all the episodes, because sometimes you miss a guest actor or actress that you thoroughly enjoy.



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