Travel List

In the next year I would like to:

Drive the entire length of Route 1. That’s right folks, I wanna drive from Maine to Key West. Stopping along the way whenever I find a cute little town or nice bit of scenery. Why cute towns you say? For one, I’m more comfortable in small towns (remember I grew up in one). Secondly, they are highly photogenic and wonderfully relaxing.

Go to Colorado and Montana. While there I want to go snowboarding and hiking. And I’m sure there are some amazing landscape and wildlife photographic moments waiting.

Go to Kauai. I loved my time on Maui, and I really want to hit up another Hawaiian Island. My cousin lived there for a while, and my aunt and uncle thought it was amazing! It is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands, which alone makes its a must see for this history and culture buff. The amazing tropical scenery is also calling my name… think of all the stunning pictures of water and coastlines, rainforests, and mountains. (If we still used film, I’m sure I’d fill dozens of rolls. And I’m sure I’ll end up maxing out the memory on my SD card.) I want to hike, bike, and swim for weeks on end.

On a related, but slightly different note, I am going to Sudan and Marocco in February/March 2016. I’m going to see where my parents live and take a family vacation. I’m super excited! When I get into Sudan we will be heading to the Nile for a cruise and then it’s off to Casablanca… where anything could happen.

Don’t forget to read more about my travels at TravelDiaryOnline 🙂


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