New Blog

I do in fact realize that I stink at updating this blog! Sorry guys and gals. Its not for lack of ideas, I can come up with at least two ideas a weeks (if not more). I could probably list half a dozen excuses as to why I don’t up date regularly… but when it comes down to it, I just don’t force myself too. I know when I say force, it sounds negative, like I don’t enjoy writing (which is far from true). So lets scratch force and say, I don’t make it a priority to sit down and write. Which is silly considering I want to make a living on my writing.

I also know I have on several occasions said I would write more, and I do better for a time… before I fall off the face of the earth. My hope is that things will start progressing and I will make more frequent updates. If I don’t feel free to call me out and tell me to write something.

In the last two or three weeks I started another blog, about traveling. The idea is that that TravelDiaryOnline will help jettison me into the life of a digital nomad. Don’t worry I still plan on writing about TV, films, and other nerdy things here. But hopefully managing two blogs, one of which will hopefully make me money in the next year or so, I will write more frequently.


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