Shameless Plug

For no particular reason, other than I loved these two ladies.

Back in 2009, my friend Anna Hovet started her own clothing line, that I absolutely adore! I got hooked on her clothing designs in 2007 she came out with her domestic violence collection, her senior project in Fashion Design at SAIC. Anna Hovet’s designs are unique,trendy, and super comfortable (she uses, jersey, fleece, and bamboo). Her clothing has designer style and streetwise comfort. Anna’s designs come in a variety of colors, that are generally vibrant, though she does use more muted colors from time to time. Whenever I wear something she made I get complements on the color and design. To which I always smile and say thanks, and tell them my friend Anna (a fashion designer in Chicago) made it. If you aren’t familiar with her clothing, you should be.

Anna Hovet Designs, I cannot wait for your 2015 spring/summer collection!

In January 2014 I made my first trip to California. There I met Samiah Hinton (another fashion designer), at Her Royal Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium. Samiah Fine Clothing is a unique line of clothing that is modeled after the Victorian and Renaissance time periods. Samiah started her business in 1998, at that time she mostly made brocade jackets and coats. Now a days she creates fully custom fitted outfits, to go with her amazing jackets and coats. Samiah has a coat and vest that I am absolutely dying to have, both are stylish, warm, and make me feel like I belong in a fairy tale.

Samiah Fine Clothing, congratulations on getting your line featured on the cover of  front cover of Avant Garde Magazine!

Here is an example of both of these beautiful ladies hard work *^_^*



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