Dancing Angel

Four years ago today marks the anniversary of the death of a close friend. My friends and family still miss him dearly. Not a day goes by that one of us doesn’t make a comment about missing him or loving him. Today my FB timeline is full of comments about missing him and loving Scotty. And rightfully so, he was a talented, kind-hearted, strong man.

I (like so many others) have so many fond memories of Scotty. My favorite probably has to be that faithful summer day when Scotty, Jeni, Heather and I spent an afternoon laying on the floor talking and listening to music. It was a normal day for the four of us. We talked about boys, our goals, and our hopes for the future. We giggled, told dirty jokes and ranted about work as the breeze blew through the open windows and shadows from tree leaves danced on the wall.

Who knows how or why (probably something to do with our future aspirations), but we eventually got on the subject of kids. Soon we were discussing what kind of talents our children would have if use three girls reproduced with Scotty. Needless to say we came up with an interesting group of talented kids, who could have one day been famous (with the right training and encouragement). I know I am (and I’m sure my sisters are) sad that those summer afternoon, ice cream cake, and lack of sleep induced concoctions of humanity will never grace this earth.

Mostly I’m just sad that such a beautiful soul left the earth far too soon. I would have loved to have one more afternoon with him to giggle like a school girl and plan for an extravagant and spectacular future. Though I’m sure I’d catch all kinds of hell from him for not making any progress on those goals I set that afternoon. Sorry man, I will get back on track this year, promise.


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