Wind, Bikes, and Netflix

Today was the first Sunday I’ve had off in a long time, so I was torn between doing nothing and going off on an adventure. For some unknown reason I woke up early. I lay in bed, cursing the gods for a while and then decided maybe some TV would put me back to sleep. It did not, so I decided instead of spending the day watching TV I should go to the beach. Maybe I would luck out and see a turtle.

I rode my bike down to all but empty beach. The wind was strong and the  waves were rather impressive, so I decided against swimming. Instead I went for a walk up and down the beach. Ocean spray and sand were everywhere (I guess windy days will do that). The walk was peaceful, though I felt a bit like a tourist carrying my towel around in my arms. After a while I decided maybe this blustery day was best suited to activates, something that didn’t involve sand. I went home, refilled my water, brushed off some sand and changed. Then I was off on my bike again, this time I headed south. As I rode I took in the scenery, it’s very different from what I’m used to. Palm trees are everywhere, and flowers are still in bloom (its November and there are flowers?!), and the houses… I’m not sure how to describe them, but they are different. As I continued my journey I kept finding I had to remind myself I was still in the United States. I guess I still think I’ve been plopped into some tropical foreign country. Eventually I reached a gated community and was forced to turn around. No, no one told me to turn around, I just saw the gates and decided maybe I should head home.

Once home the TV (as always) got turned on. I went through my normal line up, watched something on Hulu, watched something on CW, and last but not least Netflix. I honestly think some days I would be lost without Netflix, no I am not proud to say that, but its true. It may take me a while, but I always find something on there to watch. Today it took me a little longer than normal. I was sick of the shows I was watching and I wanted to find something new, preferably a move, so I wouldn’t get sucked into another TV show. (I think there about a dozen shows that I am currently watching, and the idea of adding another was daunting.) I flipped through action, adventure, thriller, anime, drama, and decided to stick with comedy. I scrolled through the options several times before I decided on a film I had never heard of.

I am currently about 40 minutes into Liberal Arts, and I am in love. Okay, maybe love isn’t the right word, happily surprised would be a better way to put it. So far the film hits home, in many ways. It takes place in Ohio and New York. The main character is in his 30’s. And he nostalgic about his time in college. Classical music makes him look at life differently. All of these are things that I, as someone in my 30’s can and do relate to. I can’t wait to see what happens in the rest of the film! I’m sure you will hear my thoughts about the film as a whole in the next few days.


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