Busy Busy

A month ago I apologized for not writing as much as I said I would. Today I apologize again. The month of July was busy at the gallery and for me personally. Summers up north are always busy, family and friends visit. And some of us still work, so before you know it, August is here and people are going back to school. I’m still not done with my masters thesis, so I’m still technically in school, but I don’t have classes to go to.

I am however in the process of gearing up for my next big adventure. In less than a week I will be moving to Maui. The whole process of this move started maybe a month ago when a well tanned, happy woman came into the gallery. Maybe 5 minutes before she showed up I was talking to a co-worker about wanting to move.

Why you ask? Well I’m sick of living in Northern Michigan. Yes it’s beautiful, safe, artsy and quaint. But for a 30 single liberal woman, it’s rather boring. 

When the woman came in we got to talking about jewelry and where she lives. I mentioned how I’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii, but hadn’t been able to go yet. She joked about how she normally brings people back from the mainland to work. Both my co-worker and I said I could do that. At that point the conversation got a little more serious and I got some contact information from her. 

In the next two weeks I got in touch with the woman who is going to be my new employer. The information gathering, interview process, and decision making process only took about two weeks. All of this happened so fast my heads still spinning. And probably will continue to do so for the next 5 days as I finish packing and move to Lahaina, HI. 

I will try to finish my list of things to do in Petoskey before I take off, if not maybe I will get it done after the move. I will share stories about my move and my new life in Hawaii as I find the time. 🙂 


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