Promise to Write More

I always seem to have my best ideas for writing at the most inconvenient times. For example this winter (though by all accounts it was supposed to be close to spring) I was driving back to northern Michigan from Chicago, when words and thoughts came flooding into my head. I started saying what I was thinking out-loud, and I thought it sounded good. So I vowed to remember it, and write it down when I got home in the next hour. Of course when I got home I didn’t write it down, because most of the words had escaped me, only a few still hung around in the back of my mind (a few still do).

In the next few days I was talking to a friend and lamenting the fact I didn’t pull off to the side of the road (not that I really could have gotten of the road with the snow as high as it was) and notate my thoughts. They suggested getting a voice recorder and taking it everywhere. Knowing my I probably argued with them a little saying I’d leave it somewhere or forget that I had it (both of which are very true). But they are right, though I probably don’t need to go out and get a voice recorder, as most phones now a days have a memo application and recording capabilities. All I need to do is open up my phone and use the handy app and voila, no more missed brilliant moments. Of course since that conversation I haven’t made any notes on my phone about random thoughts, though there have been plenty.

For years I have wanted to be a writer, that is partially why I started this blog in the first place. Over the years have looked into ways to get paid for my writing. But ultimately my searches have lead me no where. Why? Well, because I don’t write enough. I come up with ideas, and I never put pen to paper (or sit down and type my thoughts out). Instead I watch TV or play video games, and grip about my life isn’t heading in the direction I want. I blame my depression, my location and say I’m too busy, trying to find a job, working, taking care of the house. And while it is true, I am busy and depression makes it hard to get motivated and accomplish things, it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t write or try to pursue my dreams.

So what is my dream you ask? Well, I want to write about movies and TV shows (why else would I get a degree in Film Theory and Criticism). I also want to write about traveling, I love exploring new places and trying new things. I also want to get paid to do both, though that’s probably a no-brainer.  How am I going to make this happen? To be honest I have no idea, but I think a good start is writing more, and getting people to read what I write. So I will write more about the things I watch, the video games I play and I will write about the places I visit. Though to be honest even if I don’t go anywhere this summer I can still write about traveling. How, you ask? It just so happens I currently live (and grew up in) a tourist trap. You may have heard of it, it was number 6 on The Smithsonian’s  20 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2013, Petoskey, Michigan.

I thought about writing something about Petoskey over Memorial Day weekend, as that is generally when tourist season starts for the summer up here, but one thing lead to another and that post never happened. However, I will write something either Friday or Saturday after the Summer Open House.



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