Catching Fire

Recently I finally had the chance to watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. When I was done watching the film (at like 1am) there were I two things I wanted to address. I didn’t take the time to write about it then, but rather took a few notes and said I would get to it later. Well its been almost a month and I’m just finally getting to it. Better late than never I guess 😛 The first, is that in less than hour I found myself repeatedly screaming no and covering my mouth when Philip Seymour Hoffman showed up on-screen. Not because I don’t like the man (personally I think he’s a wonderful actor), but because I realized a few things. One this is the first time I’ve seen Hoffman on-screen since his untimely death. Two that his role in The Hunger Games as Heavensbee is probably the last character I (and most people) will see him as. Three with all of the emotionally torturous roles he’s played (not to mention that all aspects of his life, like most stars are, were so public) I’m not surprised that he had a drug problem that lead to his death. The second is that governments or rather dictators can be absolutely awful. But despite the awful terrible things that happen some people are truly amazing. In The Hunger Games the government control people more than Big Brother does in 1984: rationing, crappy living conditions, always being watched, and to top it off mandatory child sacrifices. In the second film the government goes even further and it made me sick: they force the survivors of their sick game to compete again, all because they are pissed off at a girl and want to kill her, but don’t want to deal with an uprising (good luck with that). Despite all the crap the contestants have been through some of them still band together and help each other out. Some even sacrifice their own lives so that others can live.  The first installment in The Hunger Games was scary and eye-opening. The second installment was absolutely maddening and terrifying. I wonder what the third installment will be…


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