More Change

Anyone who has been in the mid-west this winter knows it’s been a rough one. Today it’s finally made up to 0 (though it still feels like 15 or 20 below). Here in parts of northern Michigan we are about 20 inches away from the most snow this area has seen since the 1970’s. Wither or not we will surpass the record has yet to be seen, but seeing as last Friday we got 10 inches it’s completely possible.

Back at the end of November I said I was going to be going to Japan to teach English. I was ecstatic and promised to write and share picture of my adventures there. However since that time numerous this have transpired and I will no longer be going. This decision was a hard one and the process was filled with tears, swearing, and frustration. Thank you to those who talked through this with me, I sincerely appreciate it. Right now all I can do is hope my decision was a good one. I have a new direction and am excited about the things I will accomplish in the next few months. It’s going to be wonderful to work on my thesis and get it done, finally.


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