So last weekend kick-started a change that will be happening in my life this spring. On the 16th I interviewed with AEON, the group meeting and small group teaching session went well, and I wasn’t nervous at all. I was called back for a second interview on the 17th, and that day was probably one of the most nerve-wracking of my life. The weather was disgusting and I had to change my mode of transportation last-minute, I was also told a few things at the beginning of my interview that set my heart racing and my brain into overdrive. On the 19th I was working at the gallery (messing with holiday lights) when I got a call and was offered a position with AEON. I was so excited, but somehow I managed to keep my cool. Over the next few days the recruiter and I talked about locations and times. On the 22nd we finally nailed down a location and a start date.

Needless to say the contents of this blog will change a little once I make it to Japan and start on a new adventure, but not to worry I will still write about films and TV shows. Before I leave for Japan I will be finishing my thesis; so there will be upcoming posts about the process and parts of my thesis. Speaking of thesis I should go finish my thesis proposal.


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