Bad TV

What is it about October that draws me to bad TV shows and movies? It is laziness after a busy summer? Is it that research proposal still hanging over my head? Is it the impending doom of winter drawing near? Who knows, but for some reason I’ve been watching a lot of bad TV.

What do I mean when I say bad TV? I mean its bad TV. The acting is poor, the plot line is as wholly as Swiss Cheese, and most of them have to deal with unnecessary drama that people add to their lives. Most of them also have to do with supernatural creatures… vampires… werewolves… fay (I’m sure you know which shows I’m talking about). I’m not saying that all shows or films about supernatural beings are bad, there are actually some that are quite amazing, but what I’ve been watching is overly caddy, poorly thought out and poorly executed.

So why do I keep watching them you ask? I honestly have no idea. Maybe I keep hoping  that the acting will improve (Radcliff did well in the first 4 Potter films, tanked in the 5th, and did okay in 6 &7), the story will get better, or the plot will start making some kind of sense. But I should know to move on, and watch something more worthwhile. I could start working on that miniseries I keep telling myself I’ll write (but spec scripts take so much work and I’d have to look into a few things). Or maybe I could read a book, I haven’t read a book in ages (at least not one at isn’t related to my thesis). Speaking of my thesis, I should get back to work… or get lost in more bad TV since it is lunch time.


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