Alpha Bubble

This week (or rather last few days) I have gotten sucked into what I have decided to call the Alpha bubble. I came across this amazing show on Netflix’s (exactly how I don’t remember, but I’m glad I did). The plot is very intriguing (though a bit like most crime shows out there) and the action keeps me (and probably others) glued to the couch. The first season introduces us to a team of Alphas (humans with special abilities) as they track down Alphas that commit crimes. Along with the villain for every show there is an organization that continues to make the Alpha’s life more difficult as the season progresses. There are unforeseen twists and turns throughout the first season, which even I (being trained in TV and Film formulas) did not foresee and keeps me interested in the show. There is a good balance of dialogue and action in every episode, along with an interesting story line. A few things about the show are rather stereotypical (the black guy is strong and the handsome guy is athletic), but overall the show is well thought out, fun (though I am a bit of a sucker for sci-fi), and action packed. 


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