Moore Warren

This fall I had the opportunity to go to the most amazing movie theater I’ve ever seen, the Moore Warren, in Moore Oklahoma. It is slightly disheveled after the tornado that hit at the beginning of the week, but is slated to re-open at the end of May/ beginning of June. If you are ever in the Moore, OK area take a trip there you will be delighted and impressed.

To a small town girl the Moore Warren was huge, easily the size of two football fields. The neon sign outside was impressive and almost daunting. I felt like I was going to a convention center, stadium or museum. We entered through a smaller door and walked into a retro diner. The staff happily greeted us in costume, though it was not quiet Halloween. Lunch was good, and the staff chatted with us as we sat on the retro stools at the bar. Like most girls I couldn’t finish my food so they boxed it up and we went to get tickets. As we walked into the lobby my jaw almost dropped; there is a tall vaulted ceiling and the walls have murals on them. One either side of the lobby there are stairs which leads to a balcony. I was told up there is a bar and fine dining. Up there are entrances to two auditoriums, which offer balcony seating and wait staff service (can you say perfect date night location!) We got our tickets and I took my leftovers into the luxurious auditorium (that’s right folks you can take your food from the diner into the auditorium). As we watched the movie in one of the 14 auditoriums (15 with the IMAX) equipped with Digital Cinema and THX technology, I munched on the remainders of my fries and wrap and wished there was something like the Moore Warren closer to home. After the movie was over we stuck around and looked around the theater. In the two main auditoriums is a smaller room that is encased with glass and wood. I was told the room was sound proof and meant for people with babies (yay! finally a place to put people with screaming kids). We ended our excursion with a walk down to the IMAX Theater, where I was equally impressed. For the IMAX there is a separate entrance that is staffed with intelligent and friendly people. I was told how big the screen was, how many seats there were and about the elevator that takes people to the top row; they said I could take a peek, but I didn’t dare. If I had I wouldn’t have wanted to leave, not that I wanted to leave anyways; I was the kid in the candy store, everywhere I looked was something unique or enjoyable about the Moore Warren.


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