In the past ten years a lot has changed and there are things that I think about more than when they happened.

10 years ago I was a senior in High School and my boyfriend of a little over a year proposed to me at dinner. The reality that I could have had a newborn baby and not been at dinner wasn’t there.

5 years ago I was finishing my first semester of graduate work. I spent that time with my boyfriend of year plus, friends and family. I thought about how different things were, I was grown up, and starting to work towards a career, I’d come a long way.

Today, I’m back in the same apartment, working on the same program I started 5 years ago, and this time I will finish it. I truly have come a long ways in 10 years. I’m not married, I don’t even have a boyfriend, and I don’t have a 10 year old running about demanding attention. Instead I got a BA, started two different masters programs, lived and worked aboard, and helped better the community I grew up in. None of which could have happened if I had gone with the path that was laid before me in High School.

I’m glad for the changes, and though there have been bumps along the path, it’s been a good one. I wonder what changes the next 10 years will bring…

All I can say is bring it on, I’m ready.


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