The video of the day, for me at least.

Most people say they can tell you exactly where they were when they heard about the deviation 10 years ago. As I sit here, I cannot be exactly sure. I think I was in history class, but maybe I was in math, or science – the day blurs at that point. I can tell you I was a senior in high school and I spent the majority of the day sitting in the Octagon – of the newly finished Concord building on Atkins Rd in Petoskey, MI –  with family and friends crying, listening to the updates on the radio coming from Mr. Bartley’s room. Learning that day stopped, we, students and staff, congregated in whatever part of the building was most comfortable for us, some even left and went home to be with family. I remember worrying about my friends who had just joined the army that summer, where would they be sent, what would they have to do? Was my family on the east coast alright? What would happen next? How would this affect my future?

In the past 10 years a lot has happened, my friends did go to the Middle East and fight. Both came back, in one piece, though I would not say they are whole. My family on the east coast was fine. Our high school trip to Stratford Ontario was delayed, but not canceled like we had feared it might. Security at the Blue Water Bridge is still a bear, but nowhere near as bad as it was for the first 2 years after the destruction.

10 years later life continues, books and movies line the shelves of stores talking about a day that no one will forget. The people that I know who were born on this day often struggle with celebrating, remind them they are loved, and they are the reason for us to smile today.

“The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here”


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